Bring Covax-19 Vaccine back to Australia

Vaxine and Sypharma are calling on the support of all Australians to help make the highly successful protein-based Covax-19 vaccine available in Australia.

Covax-19 is the first synthetic protein vaccine against Covid-19 to receive market authorisation, after showing strong protection against the Delta virus variant in a Phase 3 clinical trial in 16,876 subjects in the Middle East. Covax-19 has been developed in Australia and is the first Australian developed vaccine to gain market authorisation.

Sypharma has been Vaxine’s manufacturing partner all the way from Vaxine’s earliest days engaged in preclinical development of its vaccine adjuvants to today as Vaxine gears up to launch the most important vaccine in its development history.

Fundraiser by Sharen Petrovsky : Bring Covax-19 Vaccine back to Australia (